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Montana Horse Pictures

Black and White Photography magazine recently included some amazing photos of horses that showed a huge emotional range and regal nature of these animals. Since Montana has its fair share of them, I’ve been keeping an eye out.

While driving between Great Falls and Bozeman a few weeks ago I saw this horse out grazing, pulled over, and used the Canon 300 mm lens to capture this picture.

Montana Horse, between Great Falls and Bozeman

Montana Horse, between Great Falls and Bozeman. Click for larger image.

This next shot was taken yesterday in Paradise Valley, which is north of Yellowstone National Park and between Gardiner and Livingston. I had been taking a series of pictures when my store landlord called at the same moment the horse walked up to me, so this picture was taken with a cell phone cradled against my ear while talking about plans for the summer.

Montana horse in Paradise Valley

Montana horse in Paradise Valley. Click for larger image.

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