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Buffalo Hides: from Historical Account to Modern Panorama

I have a couple of developments on the buffalo hide front that may be of interest:

1. I enjoy reading historical accounts of the buffalo and found an oral history taken by the American Museum of Natural History back in 1913. They spoke with a female member of the Hidatsa tribe and she talked about how they used buffalo hides. You can read more about this on my e-commerce site. I also include pictures comparing a summer buffalo hide to one in winter.

2. I have a great new buffalo hide available and, for something new, I’ve created a panorama of it. You can zoom in and out as well as scroll back and forth. My whole goal is to help you envision how the buffalo rug will look in your cabin or mountain lodge. You can go to the panorama page by clicking here.

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Top Five Uses For A Buffalo Hide

After much research and thought, I’ve come up with the top five ways to use a buffalo hide for that rustic cabin decor:

1. Rugs
2. Blankets/Comforters (I sleep under one during the Montana winters and never get cold)
3. Wall hangings
4. Furniture Throws
5. Over a Stair Rail

Need more reasons? Visit the “About Buffalo Hides” page here at my online store. Or, go directly to the catalog of what is currently available.

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