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Peeking Between the Trees in Yellowstone

There are plenty of trees in Yellowstone and while sometimes they can get in the way, other times you can use them to help frame your pictures.

Here are a few shots from yesterday afternoon in the park about seven miles from the West Yellowstone entrance.

First, here’s how not to incorporate a tree! I liked the way the buffalo formed a v-shape pointing toward me, but the tree was in the way. I moved to the side and down a little bit to get this better view.

Buffalo in Yellowstone

Buffalo in Yellowstone, but the tree is in the way. Click for bigger image.

Buffalo in Yellowstone

Here's the same shot, except with the tree off to the left. Click for bigger image.

Here are two more pictures in the same area, this time incorporating trees on both sides of the picture. I like the effect because it helps frame the subject, and makes you feel like you are peeking in on the scene.

Mountain reflection in Madison River, Yellowstone National Park.

In addition to framing this shot with the trees, I was also able to catch the mountain's reflection in the Madison River, which yesterday was extremely still. Click for bigger image.

Grazing at Yellowstone National Park

Grazing along the river at Yellowstone National Park. Madison River is in the background. Click for bigger image.

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Yellowstone National Park Opening Weekend 2010 (Video)

Some quick video taken yesterday of various scenes during opening weekend at Yellowstone National Park.

Spring is here and while there is still some snow in the mountains, the area is turning green, the rivers are full and flowing, and the animals are active. I saw two bears yesterday, and of course bison and elk.

I finished the evening by pulling over in the delicious darkness near Mount Haynes, under the stars and listening to an owl hooting in the night. Here’s a short audio file of how it sounded: Owl and Goose

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