Timelapse of Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Here’s a quick video of yesterday evening out at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone Dreams

Did Judy of Yellowstone Dreaming fame really come to work the summer in the Yellowstone area? I drove out to Old Faithful Inn today to find out for myself … and there she was!



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Taxes, Albino Ravens, And Sliding Down a Library Roof

I was home Monday afternoon with my 2009 receipts on one side, TurboTax and Quickbooks on my laptop screen, and crumpled papers all over the floor of stuff I no longer needed. And my stress level was way, way up as I tried to finish taxes.

The cell phone rang and it was my friend.

“I was coming out of the bar and you won’t believe what I saw,” he said. “There was a black and white raven. You need to come and take a picture. I’ll show you where he is.”

Hmmmm. Maybe it’s true, I thought. Maybe West Yellowstone does have a black and white raven, and going out in 32 degree temperatures and 8 inches of fresh snow would easily be worth it for a shot like that.

It was either that or go back into Quickbooks and recategorize all of the expenses I had entered wrong. Still had 10 days to get that done.

“OK,” I said. “Meet me there.”

Well, I couldn’t find any black and white ravens, but while looking I saw a normal-colored raven entertaining himself by sliding down the roof of the West Yellowstone Public Library.

Afterwards I went into the bar to report my findings. Another patron said she’s seen the albino raven in town, down by one of the grocery stores.

I’ll keep looking for the albino raven. It sure beats doing taxes.

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Geyser Humor on a Coke Machine

Avoid Eruptions. Click for larger image.

Just a quick snapshot from this afternoon at Swan Cleaners in West Yellowstone, Mont. You probably wouldn’t find this in other parts of the country.

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Spring on its way to Yellowstone

North of West Yellowstone, on the road to Bozeman, you enter Yellowstone National Park, which is where I took this video this afternoon.

Spring is definitely on the way with the snow melting, the streams bubbling, bright blue skies and all of the green trees. And, of course, I saw some bear tracks (probably from yesterday), so everything is coming alive now for 2010.

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Time Lapse Sunset on the Madison River

Yesterday I took my camera, tripod and laptop out to the banks of the Madison River, just north of West Yellowstone. After attaching the camera to the laptop, I set it up to take a picture every five seconds of the sunset – there are 206 individual images in this video.

Photo tip: next time I’ll set the exposure manually, which I think would avoid the flickering that appears at times.

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Madison River in late winter

Madison River in late winter, just north of West Yellowstone, Montana.

Madison River in late winter, just north of West Yellowstone, Montana.

This is a beautiful spot just north of West Yellowstone where the highway goes over the Madison River. Look to the west and you’ll see how the lighting changes it throughout the day.

For this shot yesterday I stood on the bridge and took three photographs that I later stitched together. This is more successful than the last time I tried, which was back in November. My car got stuck in the snow and luckily a local person pulled me out. What was funny is I got stuck two days later and the same guy happened to drive by again, and pulled me out again.

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Winter in West Yellowstone

Yes, it’s cold here in West Yellowstone, but that just means Hebgen Lake has frozen over and ice fishing is possible. Here’s a nice 16-inch trout caught a few days ago. Took me 15 minutes, but it was worth the cold.

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First snow of the season

Mountains near the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Taken Thursday the day after the winter season's first snowfall.

Wednesday’s snow wasn’t all that bad, but the locals assure me it will get much, much heavier. Just a dusting of snow around West Yellowstone and you can still see some of it in this picture just inside the park.

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Yellowstone Arnica Fire, Monday Morning

Picture from this morning about six miles from the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. There was a light covering of smoke over the entire area.

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