Walking Into The Old West: Montana Buffalo Coat Available Now

The Montana Buffalo Coat

The Montana Buffalo Coat hanging next to the Madison River, just outside of Yellowstone. Click image for larger view.

Imagine yourself walking into the swirling Montana snow, ┬ánegative 40 degrees, and you can’t see past the nearest lodgepole pines because of the white-out conditions. A calf was about to be born and it’s vital you get outside to check on it. But how do you stay warm?

A hundred years ago they knew what to do – pull on a full-length coat made from a buffalo hide. The interlocking hair traps your body warmth and the leather blocks the fierce winds.

This classic western coat is now available to be custom made just for you.

It takes about eight weeks to create one of these beautiful coats – the tailoring doesn’t start until I get all of your measurements, meaning this is made just for your size. Why all this work? Remember, people are going to admire this coat, it will stir distant memories of cowboys and ranchers and trappers, and they will come up to admire it. You want to look good, so the custom-tailoring is key.

Here’s the other important factor: I let you pick out the buffalo hide, meaning I’m not using left-over pieces that wouldn’t sell otherwise. That’s right – what I’m offering is that you get to choose from my premium selection of thick-haired, colorful, prime winter hides that I personally pick out each year.

Don’t delay in ordering your coat. Here is a page on the main web site with additional photos. It’s easiest to do this work over the phone, so call me, David Barnes, at (314) 322-3299 and we can get started right away.




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