Four Days Later – A Snowfall Comparison

Four Days Later at Red Canyon

From Fall to Winter: top photo is Sunday, bottom photo is Thursday. Looking into Red Canyon just outside of West Yellowstone, Montana.

After a wonderfully warm October around Yellowstone National Park, this week we are starting to get snow and you can already see the changes in the landscape.

I took top picture looking into Red Canyon on Sunday afternoon, the day before the predicted snow was supposed to start. I went back this afternoon for the bottom shot and you can see the difference between fall and winter. You can’t see it in the photo, but the temperature also dropped. On Sunday I was using my fingerless bison gloves, while today I had to go full-fingered.

Red Canyon is across from Hebgen Lake, about seven miles away from West Yellowstone. I don’t know the story of why the old barn is there, but it makes an interesting subject.

Taking this type of photo was harder than I thought it would be. I had to match up the focal length of my zoom lens and there is no good way to find 62 mm, plus I had to find the exact spot I was standing at four days ago.

To help with matching the image, I brought along a print-out of the Sunday shots. I held them up and then tried to match that scene with what I saw in the camera’s live view screen. I was close on this one, but should have stepped back a couple of feet.

Trying to match up shots

Trying to match up shots. I took "before" photos in four locations around West Yellowstone. Red Canyon turned out to be the best for the "after" image.

P.S. I got this idea from Colorado photographer Jack Brauer who had a two-day comparison of Ouray here: before snow and after snow.

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  1. David…it’s Judy here in Ohio. Love your pictures. I hope you had a great season and sold lots of stuff. What’s up for the winter? I’m blogging again at I couldn’t stay away forever. Missing Yellowstone.

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