Top Five Western Father’s Day Gifts

Here are five great ideas for a Father’s Day gift for the man with at least a little touch of the mountains or American West in him.

5. Bison Fiber Gloves. These rugged gloves handle moisture incredibly well, meaning I can dip my hand in an icy lake and the moisture will be gone from my skin within about five minutes. Cotton simply can’t come close.

4. Elk Antler Pens. A man should always have a really nice pen. These are hand-crafted in Montana and I think they are fantastic. They are noticeable because of the gold or silver trim, and the fine polish on the elk antlers, but using the natural product brings them down to earth. The antlers naturally fall off of the elk and were collected in central Montana.

3. a Bison briefcase. These rugged briefcases are made from shrunken bison leather which really brings out the grain. They come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty on the parts wearing out, so you know this is a quality product. And since this list is for the Western man, I’ll mention the briefcases come with a side pocket designed for carrying a firearm.

Bison Leather Wallet

Bison Leather Wallet in Bryce Canyon

2. Bison leather wallets. These long, slim wallets fit nicely in a front pocket, back pocket, or, best of all, the front pocket of a coat (imagine your Dad smoothly pulling out this wallet when he’s picking up the check). Pictured here is the one I carry with me all the time – I took the picture in Bryce Canyon in Utah.

1. A buffalo hide rug. This is the ultimate for decorating your father’s cabin, the living room floor, or even draping over the bed. It’s a lifetime purchase, so you can also call me at (406) 646-6717 and talk about a good selection.

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  1. David…I’ve started a new blog… Check it out. Did you ever get the hot dog stand going? I miss Yellowstone but not working there. I sure miss the weather.

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