Some quick store updates

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks getting the store up and running, but it’s back and better than ever. Here are some updates:

Bison Leather. Did you read the Wall Street Journal article about how everyone is looking for iPad bags? Well, I’ve got two in stock, made from bison leather. You can take a look at them at the store, and it’s possible I can do a special order for you.

Canes. Ross Taylor of Utah stopped in Saturday morning and brought some of his hand-crafted goodies. Canes, shoe horns and dog chews made from the reproductive organ of a bull. Yes, you read that right and there have been two repeat customers already for the dog chews. I had a good conversation with Ross, especially about the state of boxing today, and rumor is he may be visiting again.

And the big news: an online sale. I’m taking part in Google’s “Dads and Grads” promotion, meaning you get a $20 discount on orders more than $120 when you use Google Checkout. More details on the site.

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  1. Hey David….Happy 4th to you too. It is hot and humid here and my body is still trying to adjust. I hope business is going strong for you. Even with the heat, I am extremely happy to be home. My house looks so big! I plan on following your blog and staying in touch. Take care….Judy (and Mike too)

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