Mt. Haynes Overlook Timelapse Video

One of my favorite spots in Yellowstone is the Mt. Haynes Overlook about six miles in from the west gate.

It’s great to photograph it after a fresh snow because of the contrast that gets added. Most of the snow was gone last week when I visited there, but the skies were blue and the clouds were quickly moving by – a great opportunity for a timelapse video.

Doing this shot was fairly easy. I pulled over in the parking lot, put the tripod just outside the window, and attached the camera to a laptop. Canon has software in which you can enter how frequently to take a picture, plus how many you want. For this one, I had the camera take 400 pictures, each five seconds apart.

I was using my Canon Digital Rebel (link to Amazon) and Canon’s 10-22 wide angle lens.

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