Grizzly Bar and Grill

Grizzly Bar and Grill

Interior of Grizzly Bar and Grill

Grizzly Bar and Grill

Grizzly Bar and Grill

There’s a great place to eat just outside of West Yellowstone that has excellent food, very friendly service and is a beautiful drive that will enhance your trip to Yellowstone National Park.

It’s called the Grizzly Bar and Grill and is located in Cameron, Montana. They opened yesterday and it is the only restaurant located on the world-famous Madison River, and yes, it’s possible to get a seat with a view of the river.

I had the Grizzly hamburger topped with blue cheese. The burger was perfectly cooked to my specifications (medium rare), was juicy and had a very good flavor. I especially liked the shoestring french fries because of how the chef adds a special seasoning to them – these aren’t your ordinary fries. The menu includes hamburgers, steaks, and chicken.

Beer and flowers at the Grizzly Bar and Grill

Beer and flowers at the Grizzly Bar and Grill

The wood-filled interior is what I call “Montana rustic” and gives a touch of pleasant western authenticity to your visit.

After a visit to Yellowstone National Park, this would make an excellent mini-roadtrip. There is also, to say the least, some excellent fly-fishing in the area.

There are two ways to get there from West Yellowstone, which are shown on the map below.

I suggest going there via Highway 191, which takes you by Hebgen Lake and Quake Lake.

On the way back, take the route using Highways 87 and 20 so you can go through Idaho and see more of this scenic area.

Address: 1409 Us Highway 287 N, Cameron, MT 59720

Phone number: (406) 682-7118

Hamburger with Blue Cheese

Hamburger with Blue Cheese at Grizzly Bar and Grill.

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