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I ran into my regular car mechanic a couple of weeks ago at Wild West Pizzeria and told him about my then-secret expansion plans.

He said, “I always look forward to summer to see the crazy things people come up with.”

But I don’t think he was talking about me.

The big announcement is that I’ll be running a hot dog cart next to my store (which of course will also be open). These will be the finest hot dogs in the area, and if you mention the blog I’ll even give you a discount.

I’ve gotten some snide comments about this, and last night one of the town council members voted to keep me out of business, but 3-1 is still a victory, so I’ll be setting up in late May or early June.

Of course I’m biased, but I truly believe a hot dog stand can provide a really good meal. I studied at Hot Dog University and am trained in the Chicago-style method.

Is this low-class? Is it something that enlightened societies should ban?

Here’s what famous chef/author and street-food conneiseur Anthony Bourdain says:

Sneer at hot dogs all you want. A well-made wiener is a thing of beauty.

My plans are to live up to this standard and provide a valuable, tasty, and memorable meal during your visit to Yellowstone National Park.

P.S. I’m still working out the exact menu, but when talking it over with my Hot Dog U professor he advised, in a defeated tone, “you’ll probably have to offer ketchup.”

He was more realistic than Bourdain, who on this controversial topic warns his readers: “if you put ketchup on your dog I will [expletive] kill you.”

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  1. I’m in. Will there be kraut and slaw and other good toppings?

  2. Judy – When can you start work?? :)

    Yes on kraut. Slaw is not something I considered, will have to think about that. On a hot dog????

  3. Great idea! I am thinking you could torture your mechanic a bit more. Just tell him you’re planning for the cart could be hotdogs in summer and p-r-e-t-z-e-l-s in winter? That could work!

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