“Face” Peering Out Of Orange Spring Mound (Video)

When driving by Orange Spring Mound a couple of days ago I noticed what looks like a face peering out of it. Do you see it in the video?

It was a little bit spooky to drive by this unexpected feature in a surreal setting at dusk, with the wolves howling in the distance. Orange Spring Mound [link to Park Service description] is located in the northwest part of the park and, now with road open near Gibbon Falls, is easy to get to from West Yellowstone compared to last summer when there were construction detours.

I did the video with my Canon T1i Digital Rebel [Amazon link] and the Canon 10-22 wide angle lens [Amazon link]. I rolled down my window, set the camera on the edge, and slowly rolled the car forwards and backwards until I got the shot. You can still see some camera shake it, but I’m finding a key to getting the best video is to stabilize as much as possible.

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