Steak and Fresh Montana Watercress Recipe

Montana Watercress

Watercress growing in a Montana Stream

Most people associate Montana streams with trout but there’s another delicacy found in them right now, if you know where to look: fresh watercress.

So grab your scissors and a bag, put on some boots and start walking along the stream edges. This is what my friend and I did yesterday and we came back with a really tasty haul. Some of the watercress was black from freezing at night, but the rest had a refreshing, peppery taste that adds so much to a meal. Freshly picked greens are one of my favorite foods and you can really taste the difference from what you get in a grocery store.

We went to a spot my friend has been talking about all winter. I’ve been in Montana less than a year and don’t know these locations myself, but he’s slowly been showing me the best places for ice fishing, big Rainbow Trout, whitefish, and now here.

Snipping Watercress

Use a scissors to snip the tops of the watercress

I guess I shouldn’t reveal the location, but I’ll say it’s near Wade Lake and about a 25 mile drive from West Yellowstone.

Rainbow Trout were darting amongst the rocks and watercress and it was a wonderful 65 degrees yesterday, so it’s the perfect time to go hunting for foods like this. If you can’t find this spot, explore the streams on your own!

Watercress is good in a salad, and adds a delightful taste in a sandwich. Here’s how I prepared it last night.

Yellowstone Traders Steak and Watercress Recipe

1. Thoroughly heat a cast iron skillet
2. While waiting for the skillet to heat, sprinkle a sirloin steak with freshly ground pepper and sea salt, slice two large mushrooms and wash the watercress.


Two mushrooms

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak sprinkled with freshly ground pepper and sea salt

3. When the entire skillet is hot, add a tablespoon of lard and wait until it just begins to smoke.

4. Add the steak and mushrooms to the skillet and cook the steak until medium rare.

Cast Iron Steak and Mushrooms

Cook the steak and mushrooms in the cast iron skillet

5. Remove the steak and mushrooms and place on a plate. Cover with aluminum foil to keep warm.

6. Pour 1/2 cup of red wine into the skillet and reduce to about 1/3.

7. Pour the reduced wine over the steak and mushrooms and recover.

8. Rinse out the cast iron skillet with water, place back on the heat, and add two tablespoons of butter.

9. When the butter is melted, add the watercress, season with some salt, and cook about two minutes until it is wilted.

Sautéed Watercress

Sautéed Watercress

10. Put the watercress on top of the steak and enjoy!

Sautéed Steak, Mushrooms and Watercress

Sautéed Steak, Mushrooms and Watercress

It was a great meal.

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  1. I’m not a big steak eater, but yum. This is mean since I am signing into Yellowstone tomorrow and the food will be nothing like this. Oh well. It’s my diet plan.

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