Yesterday’s Sun Setting Behind Two Top Mountain

Two Top Mountain in Sunset

Two Top Mountain in Sunset. Click for larger version.

Yesterday I was driving home from the grocery store and saw the sun setting behind Two Top Mountain and creating a halo around the peak.

I raced as fast as I could to the “old airport” on the west side of West Yellowstone, parked, and shot this through the car window. With sunsets, you have to act fast.

The above was taken with my Tamron 28-75 mm zoom lens [Amazon link]. It’s good quality, but I think people hyperventilate a bit too much about it.┬áThe below is the same mountain from the same location, using my Canon 300 mm lens [Amazon link].

Two Top Mountain - close-up

Two Top Mountain - close-up

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  1. Wow. I leave in two days. I’ll get to see it for myself. I hope to meet you in the next few months. Gotta pack!

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