Buffalo in the snow – photo and video

Last night at one of my favorite photo spots where Highway 191 crosses the Madison River there was a traffic jam with about 15 wild bison standing in the road. Notice that despite the icicles along the bottom of this guy, the buffalo hide is keeping him warm.

Buffalo in the snow

Buffalo in the snow, just outside of West Yellowstone. (Click for larger image).

We’re having a big snowfall right now in West Yellowstone and I’m hoping this Tweet from the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce is correct.

The picture is actually two shots taken with my Canon 300 mm lens [Amazon link] and merged together in Photoshop. I pulled over and rolled down my window to take the picture from my car which is the best approach when shooting the larger animals around Yellowstone. They are surprising fast, and wild, and people get gored when they step out for a closeup.

Here’s a video of the buffalo also.

If the buffalo hide can keep this animal warm during these crazy elements, go to my online store and imagine what one can do for you on a cold winter night! EKYZVN5V9TGR

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