A Drive in the Snow – Big Sky to West Yellowstone

The route from West Yellowstone almost all the way up to Bozeman is one of my favorite drives in the United States. It takes you through the western part of Yellowstone National Park and you pass numerous mountains and rivers.

Yesterday, as part of my futile quest for Big Horn Sheep to photograph, I drove as far as Big Sky when I could no longer see the mountains. A big snow storm was on the way, and the cars coming from the north were covered with snow.

The video has shots of the falling snow that I took on the way back. I was hoping for one big snowfall in West Yellowstone, but it fizzled out as I got close to home. But still, some very nice driving.

If you do this drive while visiting the area, obey the speed limits, especially the one for 55 mph while in the park. There are many curves on the road, and places to pull over, and I regularly see park rangers set up there with radar units. But more importantly, there are a lot of sheep and elk on this road and you need to give yourself time to slow down, especially at night.

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