Walking Along Beaver Creek (Video)

This spot around the Quake Lake area is becoming one of my favorite non-park locations.

Beaver Creek road is just beyond the Hebgen Lake dam and, when the road opens, there is a place to park and hike.

The road is closed now because of the snow, so I parked just off the highway yesterday and walked into it. A couple of guys from West Yellowstone were leaving on skis and had just spent a couple of nights tent camping there: “Was it cold?”, “Pretty cold.”

There were moose tracks going up to the creek, but the only wildlife I saw was a bird. The campers had seen nothing all weekend.

If you are looking for a pleasant walk near Yellowstone, this is a nice option, especially if you are going out to Quake Lake anyway.

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  1. [...] so remarkable. They simply do not get soggy, and dry out remarkable quickly. Yesterday while doing the Beaver Creek video I was falling in the snow and regularly got them moist, but had no problems with [...]

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